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J. O’Connell & Associates Secures $33K for Waterfront Revitalization Programs

November 3, 2008 by Heather Milone in Grants Awarded

November 3, 2008

J. O’Connell & Associates is pleased to announce through our services that the Town of Shelter Island has been funded $23,500 for a LWRP Visioning Project – The Town of Shelter Island, in partnership with the Village of Dering Harbor, will undertake a visioning and planning process to develop local and regional revitalization strategies and a long-term plan for the protection of the island’s Peconic Estuary waters and waterfront resources. The Town will conduct a series of public workshops to identify local, intermunicipal and regional assets and issues; generate community consensus and a vision for the future; prepare implementation strategies; and develop organizational capacity to implement the strategies.

J. O’Connell & Associates is pleased to announce through our services that the Town of Grand Island has been awarded $10,054 for a Bicentennial Park/Scenic Woods – Wetland Delineation and Wetland Boundary Survey – The Town of Grand Island will conduct wetland delineation and wetland boundary surveys for 229 acres of undeveloped land at Scenic Woods and Bicentennial Park on the Niagara River. This work will advance the Bicentennial Park/Scenic Woods Master Plan prepared for the development of 5.75 miles of educational nature trails throughout the properties.

These projects were funded through the New York State Environmental Protection Fund’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. These awards cover a variety of planning, design and construction projects that focus on economic, community, environmental and recreational improvements, improving local communities and the environment.

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