J. O'Connell & Associates


Town/Village of East Rochester

“I am writing this letter of endorsement for J. O’Connell & Associates. Jean and her entire staff are well qualified to serve businesses, agencies and municipalities like ours who lack the expertise in Grant Writing & Management. Over the past 2 years we have been quite successful in obtaining vital funding for infrastructure upgrades, library improvements, court remodeling, and for the replacement of playground equipment.”

Martin G. D’Ambrose, Village Administrator

Hull House Foundation 

“It has been our pleasure, at the Hull House Foundation, to have had the benefit of the grant writing services of J. O’Connell & Associates for the past several years.  We have always found them to be thorough in their research and timely in their preparation.  The staff at J. O’Connell are professional in their approach, focused and attentive to our specific needs.”

Gary N. Costello, President

Town of Clarkson

“Since April of 2007, the Town of Clarkson, located in Monroe County, NY, has contracted with J. O’Connell & Associates, Inc. as our Grants Consultants.  Their service to this small community of 6,072 residents has resulted in the awarding of over $1,000,000 in grant funds.  We would have never been this successful, without their dedication and determination.”

Paul Kimball, Town Supervisor

Village of Holley

“The Village of Holley has used the services of J. O’Connell and Associates for the past three years.  Throughout this time, I have found them to be professional and responsive.  They have made regular trips to our Village.  Current and resourceful, J. O’ Connell and Associates are alert to the needs and concerns of the Village by monitoring local reporting news sources.  This has contributed substantially to the success of our Village in securing grant funding.”

John W. Kenney Jr.,  Mayor

Town of Hume

“They have served diligently and with consideration for the Town of Hume’s specific needs.  The congenial staff knows where to look for grant funding, the appropriate time to submit applications, the right people to answer questions, and how to bring a prospectus in on time.”

Dennis Ricketts, Town Supervisor

Town of Gates

“J. O’Connell & Associates is a trusted partner in the Gates Community and has helped secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants for worthy projects and programs in our town.  The staff is prompt, thorough and professional.  It has been my pleasure to work with the team at J. O’Connell & Associates and will continue to do so.”

Mark Assini, Town Supervisor

Town of Grand Island

“J. O’Connell and Associates has provided superb grant writing services for the Town of Grand Island since 1998.  These past fourteen years have allowed us to develop a strong working relationship and we have appreciated and benefited from O’Connell’s attention to our long term goals in each department of town government.  The O’Connell staff has been hard-working and attentive to detail, making Grand Island very competitive and successful in receiving grants.”

Mary Cooke, Town Supervisor