J. O'Connell & Associates

About Us

J. O’Connell & Associates, Inc. is not your ordinary grants consultants.  We believe that good work is directly related to constant communication with our clients.  That is why, since our founding in 1989, the majority of our clients have been under contract for many years.  Once under contract, we spend time interviewing the agency employees to understand their needs and wants.  We develop a needs assessment, a plan for future grant submittals.  Many needs are only in the planning stage and we work, along with the clients, to get them ready for meeting grant deadlines.  We take pride in developing a relationship that allows us to keep the client on the right path that leads to increasing their success in obtaining grant money for their programs and projects.  This method of operation allows us to provide a researcher that is in constant communication with our clients, and the result is that clients are provided immediate answers to up-coming deadlines or possible funding sources for their projects.

J. O’Connell & Associates, Inc. is a full service company, and requests by clients for additional services led us to providing Project Administration of funded grants.  With staff changes in client agencies many funded grants were not properly handled after receipt of a signed contract.  We are now available to also complete this important part of the grants development process.  As a result, clients can be assured that they keep the door open for future funding because they were good stewards of the money they received, spent it wisely and within the parameters of the grant contract.

Many times, prospective clients are not in a position to enter into a yearly consulting contract, so we also offer contracts for grants research or complete one time grant requests to a particular funding source.  When this happens the future usually leads to a long term relationship with J. O’Connell & Associates, Inc.