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Cities of Albany, Schenectady and Troy Awarded $1 Million

June 23, 2015 by Jean O'Connell in Grants Awarded

June 23, 2015

J. O’Connell & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that through our services the Cities of Albany, Schenectady and Troy were awarded $1,000,000 in support of their Breathing Lights project.  This project will focus on urban blight by illuminating 500 available homes in the three cities for two months at the end of 2016.  Utilizing green lighting mechanisms the light’s intensity and pace will create a breathing effect and bring attention to buildings that once housed families in vibrant neighborhoods.  The Project will culminate in a regional summit addressing the issue of building vacancy.

This funding was secured through the Bloomberg Philanthropies.

J. O’Connell & Associates Secures Nearly $5.5 Million in Restore NY Funds

September 4, 2009 by Jean O'Connell in Grants Awarded

September 4, 2009

J. O’Connell & Associates Secures Nearly $5.5 Million in Restore NY Funds

Village of Bath – Masonic Temple Restoration     Grant Total: $1,180,000

The Village of Bath, in collaboration with Johnson-Schmidt & Associates Architects, will conduct a restoration project of the Masonic Temple building in the Village of Bath. Built in 1832, the building is in a rapid state of deterioration and is in need of structural repairs. Funds will be used to make structural repairs and to renovate the building’s 14,200 square feet in an effort to reuse the structure with a mix of commercial and residential tenancy. The building is located in the heart of the downtown area of the Village and its restoration is in line with the Village Comprehensive Plan strategies of improving community appearance (while maintaining historic character) and encouraging economic development. This project will allow the Village to increase its tax base, thereby improving municipal finances and the wherewithal to further grow the municipality’s tax and resource base, lessening its dependence on state aid.

Town of Grand Island – Grand Island Gateway Center     Grant Total: $1,000,000

The Town of Grand Island, in collaboration with private developers, will rehabilitate the currently vacant Dunlop Building, a commercial building complex of 74,000 square feet and immediately adjacent to the I-190 thruway, a high traffic area connecting the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. To ensure that the Dunlop Building is safely available for reuse, the town will conduct asbestos abatement throughout the entire structure, replace all windows, renovate the building exterior and install sanitary sewers to the project site. As a result, a long vacant, blighted building will be returned to market ready status, attracting new business to Grand Island.

City of Lackawanna – City of Lackawanna Redevelopment Plan     Grant Total: $800,000

The City of Lackawanna is requesting funding for a comprehensive revitalization project that will fulfill the goals of its citywide redevelopment plan. All actions are integral to the redevelopment of business and housing sites at the most visible locations within the City. Efforts to immediately improve commercial and residential property include: Asbestos abatement of the 96,100 square foot vacant Bethlehem Steel office building which will be evaluated for potential re-use. In addition, assistance to Catholic Health Systems for the Our Lady of Victory (OLV) Senior Complex will enable them to complete the final and most visible phase of construction, a new entrance and commercial space.

Village of Seneca Falls – Seneca Falls Canal Corridor Revitalization     Grant Total: $2,500,000

The Village of Seneca Falls, in collaboration with the Seneca Knit Development Corporation and the National Women’s Hall of Fame, will lead the Seneca Falls Canal Corridor Revitalization Project – Phase I. Through the project, Village will: 1) Abate and stabilize the Seneca Knitting Mill, demolishing the adjacent two-story brick building on the Mill property; 2) Abate and demolish an abandoned building at 46 West Bayard Street; and 3) Abate and renovate the Coal Barn property per the recommendations of the State Historic Preservation Office, which is seeking to work with the Village to rehabilitate or relocate the Coal Barn to save it from demolition.

Located next to the Seneca Cayuga Canal in downtown Seneca Falls, rehabilitation, demolition and re-use of the properties is vital to both increasing economic development and enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the Village. The focus of the proposed project is the rehabilitation of the Seneca Knitting Mill, the future home of the National Women’s Hall of Fame, and an integral component to Village revitalization.

Funding was secured through New York State Empire State Development Restore NY Round 3 Funding.